Pleasantly Surprised.

“Krisp offers grab and go, quick meals, acai-type bowls, smoothies, and some pretty delicious pastry. The man who was helping me was super nice and gave me a variety of sample so that I know what I want to order. ”

Ina k.



“The Berry Orchard bowl...this was outstanding. So nice and fresh and cold. It was Acai, bananas, and strawberries with cold-pressed apple juice, then topped with granola strawberry blueberry and banana. I have a feeling this place will be my new obsession and it's walking distance.”

Cheryl l.


Absolutely Love!!!

“Just became one of my favorite places to study in Irvine!!  For sure going to come back here for the food, drink, SAMPLES, and to study!”

Jennie q.



5 stars!

"That blueberry matcha latte is something else. The aroma of blueberry fills the cup and the taste of matcha compliments the drink super well.  This was the best thing I've had in quite a while drink wise. "

Truong t.



“Basically one of the most LA-esque cafes in Irvine. This place is of such quality in terms of service, food/drink, study space, and environment! I had the blueberry matcha iced latte and it tastes like what I expected. Light matcha with a hint of blueberry."

Tiff n.


Happiness in a Cup.

“The blueberry matcha latte and friendly staff. The blueberry matcha latte is happiness in a cup, but that marriage of flavors probably isn't for everyone. I've also tried the masala chai and the pistachio rose latte. The acai bowls are also really good.”

Liz w.