"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

- Mahatma Gandhi


Reasons to dtox


( 1 )


your mind and body, and escape from daily life. Give your digestive system a break from processed foods, alcohol and sugar, which are known to increase the acidity in your body, creating an ideal environment for diseases to thrive.

( 4 )


your lifestyle and food preferences, and learn to listen to your body. We are what we eat. Learn to treat your body with care.

( 2 )


your body by nourishing it with live organic juices filled with the live enzymes and nutrients needed to help you detox your body without burdening it with processing and eliminating solid waste.

( 5 )


your mind and body. Loving your body is the same as loving yourself. A DTOX will help you restore balance in your body, and as an added bonus you will feel less bloated, and see improvements to your skin, hair, and nails. Always remember:

( 3 )


your mind and body by decreasing its toxicity and restoring its PH balance. Eliminating toxins and alkalizing your body will help you feel renewed energy, concentrate better, and help you sleep better at night.