KRISP Fresh Living was established in 2013 in Irvine, CA.

The company's first gourmet juice lounge opened in April 2014.


Fresh Beginnings


KRISP Fresh Living was founded by three like-minded individuals committed to advocating organic living.  With this in mind, we embarked on a journey to discover and test the latest and greatest in the organic foods industry worldwide, and create products optimized for health. In addition, we hired renowned nutritionists and chefs to develop a line of nutritionally balanced gourmet juices.  Healthy living shouldn’t be a chore, and we fully understand the importance of making products as good as they are healthy.


Our Founders



“Healthy living in the modern world is challenging. To me, KRISP is a no-nonsense one stop shop for organic products with solid nutritional benefits.”

Tammy Higgins

HEAD OF Business Development

“I think it’s inevitable to ask ‘why’ when you get diagnosed with cancer twice and survive both times. The most important lesson from my experience with cancer was the importance of living healthy and happy. KRISP is the embodiment of my desire to share the knowledge I’ve gained as a survivor.”

Janice Lee

HEAD OF Operations

“Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I’m doing the best for myself and for my body. KRISP is a culmination of all the things I love about healthy living, and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to know I created something that can bring other people happiness too.”