Fresh Living


We are about organic living. At KRISP, we believe we are part of an important cultural revolution advocating sustainable farming practices, and the elimination of chemical toxins from our food supply. We specialize in organic health food products such as cold-pressed juice, smoothies, açai bowls, vegan ice cream, supplements, boosters, etc.


Fresh Ideas


We are about Fresh Living. As a progressive juice lounge we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our products but also on our commitment to remaining the vanguard of the juicing industry. Learning is a lifelong journey and our company is constantly evolving to further innovate and perfect new recipes and product offerings. We aim to be a destination location and a resource within the local community for the latest and greatest in the juicing industry. We also provide educational resources and classes at our store to educate our customers on the benefits of juicing, detox, and most importantly our Fresh Living philosophy.


Fresh Flavors

We are a gourmet juice lounge. When we extract the juice from our ingredients not only are we preserving the maximum amount of nutrients and live enzymes, we are also preserving the essence of its flavor in its purest form. Our products are curated with a blend of ingredients designed to optimize the performance of our bodies, while offering flavors so delicious and complex that even the choosiest of epicures would approve.

Fresh Juices

We are about custom-made organic cold-pressed juices made from the highest quality raw and organic ingredients. Our juices were developed by renowned nutritionist Liliana Partida from the Center for New Medicine in Irvine, CA, and are currently recommended to cancer patients as part of their treatment. We utilize the cold-pressed method in order to preserve the nutrients and live enzymes of our ingredients. Raw and refined, each drop of liquid essence is extracted so that only the purest un-oxidized juice remains.

Fresh Foods

We are also purveyors of raw smoothies, acai bowls, and vegan ice cream. These luxurious and decadent treats are raw, vegan, and packed with essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, and nutrients. Healthy and delicious, our foods serve as the perfect treat, meal replacement or even dessert.